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because it's other evolutionary stages do.


  1. famous for high S.attack enabling it to destroy almost anything with Analytic hyper beam
  2. only pokemon that learns Trick Room via level-up


  1. First pokemon ever to be able too learn the conversion moves
  2. the only pokemon that has single handedly KOed over 800 Japanese children at once(http://www.serebii.net/anime/banned.shtml)

is there any thing special about poryogn 2

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Actually,It wasn't Porygon that caused the seizures,it was Pikachu thunderbolt used on team rocket,it just happened in it's feature episode.

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Really just hyperbeam and conversion.

AND it runs windows vista

what about windows 7? lol
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Porygon-2 has the most defense and special defense in the evolution chain. And it has decent special attack.

*I would say that Porygon-2 is the best in the evolution chain, because Porygon-Z has horrible defenses.

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Porygon: Windows
@[email protected] Amazing!

Porygon 2: Windows Vista
.... o_o wow

Porygon Z: Windows 8 with Google Chrome

As with the Tech industry, Not every update is.... Better

Porygon is super cool, Porygon Z just wrecks, and Porygon 2 is the... uh... how bout this:

Porygon 2 is the Halfway point that does not have the Novelty of the First nor the Refinement of the Last.

So which one's Windows 7?
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Your point 2 for Porygon is incorrect since the seizures where supposedly caused by flashes caused by Pikachu attacking missles. But I guess they wanted to ban some Pokemon for it and since they did not want to ban the actual perpetrator due to him being the mascot of the series they decided to ban to innocent Porygon and his family instead.

And to answer your question, Porygon2:
- Is defensively the strongest of all the Porygons since he has the highest defensive stats. On top of that he is also able to use Eviolite.
- Is the last in the line to get Trace.
- Seems to be the latest official Porygon in the storyline, since that Porygon-Z appears to be an unofficial hack.
- Is both the smallest and lightest in his line.
- Is the only Pokemon with a numeral in its name.
- Is my favorite Pokemon.
- Does not run Windows, which is made obvious by the fact that Porygon2 is stable. (Maybe Electrode runs on Windows though, since it keeps blowing up in your face.)