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I already have a suicune,but want to raise a milotic so bad!which is better,or should I just build a team around it?p.s:suicune is an event one.moveset:ice beam,e-speed,air slash,scald


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Get a Milotic, I have one, it's AWESOME!
Nature: Modest (+ sp. atack - attack)
Item: Leftovers
Moveset: Surf/hydro pump (STAB)
ice beam (Coverage,great move)
aqua ring/recover (good with left overs)
and a move of your choice:)

Just because you have a Milotic and your answering the question dosn't mean it's better! You must look at the stats of it. Either way though I perfer Suicune.
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I'd suggest Suicune. Suicune with Calm Mind is a very formidabe threat, especially when combined with Rest to make the popular CroCune. This Suicune is famous for being one of the most powerful Pokemon you can face, and still is a threat even in this new generation. Scald and Ice Beam should be the other two moves of course.

I agree with you.