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I want to evolve Munchlax, but I want to train milotic. Munchlax is lv 9, and Milotic is lv 41...

Are these Pokemon going to be used in-game, or competitively (battling with others)
In game...
im voting UP because its in-Game !

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It depends what type of pokemon you need...
Milotic is a good special sweeper with a really good moveset.
You can give him surf, ice beam, aqua ring and attract... like this you have 1/2 chance to not be hit this turn and also you will be healed...
Munchlax can be really a deadly pokemon if he evolves. Giving 252 Atk EV and 252Hp and Belly drum, rest (to cover belly drum's damage), sleep talk and E-quake/crunch/giga impact etc. can be really deadly. Both pokemon are good but personally I'll go with Milotic because Munchlax needs many time to set up...

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Good point, and he isent 2 happy cuz I just got him 2day over wfc
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I'd say go with Milotic. You've already got it to lvl 41, only 9 more levels to go until you can compete in the Battle Tower/Subway.

Good point... THANKS!!!