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I'm going for an offensive Milotic, with still some good status moves.

My planned set:

Ice Beam
Light Screen

Should I go for Dragon Pulse, for those Water/Dragon, or Ice/Dragon types, and for any Water type at all, or is Ice Beam enough, and I should go for Toxic?

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Dragon Pulse is weaker than Ice Beam and both cover the same. You should go for Toxic in my opinion.

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Here is why:

Your planned set already has Dragon-type coverage in a move that has more power. You could add Toxic, like you mentioned, or maybe even Hypnosis, some move that would add some more utility to this set.Kingdra and Kyurem can be handled by some other teammates like Lucario

I think the only Ice/Dragon-type is Kyurem and its other forms. Kyurem is the only form allowed in UU, so that can be dealt with using Lucario

Kingdra is the only Water/Dragon-type allowed in UU, so you shouldn't have much trouble if you are using a Hydreigon on your team.

Hope I helped!

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Give Milotic Dragon Pulse

Since you are going for an offense set Dragon Pulse would work better than Toxic.

Some Dragon - Types such as Kingdra can easily manage an Ice Beam

252 SpA Milotic Ice Beam vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Kingdra: 86-102 (29.5 - 35%)
-- 12.1% chance to 3HKO

Dragon Pulse also has better accuracy (assuming this is XY)
It will also give you a neutral coverage over water types as right now your Milotic is going to have a hard time dealing with bulky water types

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add more pros and con. or the best answer will be taken by someone else.
I wasnt going for an ''only'' offensive milotic.