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i got a feebas through wonder trade, and I have now bred it to have the modest nature that I wanted. the only issue now is I dont know what to breed it with to get dragon pulse and mirror coat and hypnosis. I know its possible because ive fought someone who used them before on a milotic, so I would like to do it myself. could someone please help me by explaining what I need to breed it with in order to get both moves, it would be much appreciated.


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You want the 3 moves at once ?

Then do the following steps:

  1. Breed Feebas with a Ditto until you hatch a female one. Make sure that the female Feebas is modest, like you need it.
  2. Catch a Horsea using the Good Rod at Cyllage city. Next to the rock, there is water. Not the light blue, but the blue water. There, use the Good Rod. You will catch either Clauncher (Pokémon X) / Skrelp (Pokémon Y) or Horsea. Anyway, Clawitzer and Dragalge, the evolve forms of the formers respecitvely, like Horsea, learn Dragon Pulse. WARNING: Only Dragalge and Horsea / evolved form of Horsea will breed with Feebas. Clawitzer won't breed. Dragalge and Kingdra are nice additions to your in-game team so you can raise them, if you want.
  3. Make sure the Pokémon (Dragalge / Horsea/ Seadra /Kingdra) is male.
  4. Breed Feebas + Dragalge / Horsea/ Seadra /Kingdra = New Feebas with Dragon Pulse.
  5. Make sure that you get a Female Offspring.
  6. You should now get a Corsola (idk where you can find one, sadly :/) and teach it Mirror Coat. Alternatively, if you have a Blastoise with Mirror Coat, then use it. The Pokémon (Corsola / Blastoise) have to be male.
  7. Breed the female offspring with the Pokémon (Corsola / Blastoise) and get another Female Offspring. It should now know Mirror Coat and Dragon Pulse.
  8. Now, you will need a Poliwhirl. I believe you can find one at the Victory Road. It has to be male and has to know Hypnosis.
  9. Breed the Poliwhirl with the Feebas.
  10. Now, either sex the offspring has, you have now an offspring with mirror coat, dragon pulse and hypnosis.

Tips to consider

  • Make sure that the Dragalge / Horsea you catch has a good nature. You can use it in-game. Kingdra is a good Pokémon and Dragalge served me very well in Pokémon Y. I warn you: Dragalge takes forever to learn Dragon Pulse (level 63).
  • Make sure that the Pokémon used to breed with Feebas is MALE, and the Feebas and its offsprings are always FEMALE.
  • You can use a Suction Cup Lead to ensure the chances for the Pokémons to catch the rod and battle.
  • You can Chain Fish to get a shiny version of your Pokémon, since all of them are caught by fishing. Then, if you did not liked its shiny version, catch it anyway, equip to it a valuable item (e.g: Balm Mushroom, Rare Candy ...) and send it to the GTS. Ask for a rare Pokémon, like Eelektross. You may obtain your Pokémon since you have a rare Pokémon to offer.
  • If your Feebas is Japanese, I think you can do the Masuda Method to get a shiny Feebas, but Shiny Milotic is ugly.

Hope this helps.

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wow. breeding is complicated xD
thank you so much. i didnt realize that i could breed it with kingdra! i already have a male one with dragon pulse that i completely forgot about!
Dang, dat answer tho :O
My pleasure to help out ;)
And  yes, sometimes, my answers tend to be looooooong... :)
you can find a corsola in azure bay, but it took a while for me to catch one