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I have a female Feebas, that I am trying to breed.

I have tried using these males that all had dragon pulse :

  1. Hydreigon
  2. Altaria
  3. Horsea

What am I doing wrong? And what can I do to make it breed with dragon pulse?

I got a feebas with dragon pulse on X/Y through wonder trade. I can trade you if you want. It's female and is English with dragon pulse (as I said ). I can give it the prism scale so if we trade, it will evolve when you get it. :)
sure, what's your friend code? Mine- 0791 2064 1553

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It doesn't seem like you're doing anything wrong, but if you can't breed to get a Feebas with Dragon Pulse and you have a Female Feebas and a compatible Male breeding partner with Dragon Pulse, it may be because their are too many moves the baby can inherit.

I would suggest going to the Move Deleter which is in Dendemille Town in Pokémon X and Y and getting rid of some of the mother's and father's moves besides Dragon Pulse (as it seems their only purpose is to breed so you can get a Dragon Pulse Feebas, so it doesn't really matter about their moves right?)

>If this would result in the baby possessing more than four moves, the moves take priority in the order listed: Volt Tackle, mother's Egg moves, father's Egg moves, TM and HM moves, inherited level-up moves, baby's default moveset. The moves passed down will ordered on the baby Pokémon by the priority listed above.


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Thanks, I am going to try this right now I will get back to you on it. You should add me also. My FC is  0791 2064 1553
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It worked thank you so much bro.
You're welcome :) glad it worked for you!
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  1. Breed Feebas with a Ditto until you hatch a female one.
  2. Catch a Horsea using the Good Rod at Cyllage city. Next to the rock, there is water. Not
    the light blue, but the blue water.
  3. There, use the Good Rod. You will
    catch either Clauncher (Pokémon X) / Skrelp (Pokémon Y) or Horsea.
    Anyway, Clawitzer and Dragalge, the evolve forms of the formers
    respecitvely, like Horsea, learn Dragon Pulse. WARNING: Only Dragalge
    and Horsea / evolved form of Horsea will breed with Feebas. Clawitzer
    won't breed. Dragalge and Kingdra are nice additions to your in-game
    team so you can raise them, if you want.
  4. Make sure the Pokémon (Dragalge / Horsea/ Seadra /Kingdra) is male. Breed Feebas + Dragalge/ Horsea/ Seadra /Kingdra = New Feebas with Dragon Pulse.

Source: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/178940/breed-mirror-coat-dragon-pulse-and-hypnosis-feebas-pokemon

See the BA top part

I've seen this page multiple times. Thanks for helping.