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A while back I traded for a foreign Feebas to masuda method breed in BDSP (evolving was going to be easier and I didn’t have Sword or Shield yet) and its game of origin was sw/sh. It happened to have all the egg moves but when transferring to BDSP I got a popup saying some of the moves it knows would be changed for BDSP and didn’t think anything of it. Turns out, the egg moves were swapped for the default Feebas moves and I know they’ll change back if I put the Feebas back in Home but I’m curious about something.

If I were to keep breeding in BDSP and evolve it into shiny Milotic, would I be able to remember the egg moves in sw/sh? Or should I just transfer the Feebas to Shield to breed there?

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Is it hacked?
I think only the traded feebas can change egg moves
The Feebas is not hacked. :]

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