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I've just caught a female Feebas and before I attempt to evolve it I would like to breed it a couple of times.

My hope is if I fail to max out its beauty the first time I will have a few more try's instead of having to constantly fish for a new one.

Your Feebas should lay Feebas eggs when you breed it with any male Pokemon in the water 1 or dragon groups or breed it with Ditto. Like the serif person said, there are "better" Pokemon to breed, but those are completely optional.

Also it shouldn't really be possible to "fail to max out beauty". If its beauty isn't maxed out, then just feed it more Poffins.
how is it possible to fail maxing out beauty

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If you're planning to raise more for potential retries, you'll want to look for a Pokemon with a certain nature: Modest, Mild, Quiet, and Rash provide a boost to Dry foods and are the easiest to raise for Beauty. You might also want a parent with an egg move that you might want to help you in contests. There's not a lot to choose from, but there's some nice ones like Haze and Light Screen. Feebas also has access to a few tutor moves in Platinum, though they probably won't be useful for you.

Other than that you probably won't really need anything aside from the right nature. Just give the parent an Everstone, and the nature has an increased chance of being passed down. You probably won't need a nature either unless they don't like dry berries. Just make good poffins, or in the case of Platinum, buy them at the Veilstone Department Store/