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I have tried to breed these 2 Pokemon and the Day-Care told me 'The two prefer to play with other Pokemon than each other' which means they got 0% chance to breed... How is that? And how can I make it through?


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You can breed Milotic with Corsola to have it learn Mirror Coat and breed it with any Pokemon from the Poliwag family to learn it Hypnosis. You cannot learn it both sadly.
Source: http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/milotic/egg

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Thank you man. But isnt there any other way?  (easier)
Sadly, no. There is no other way as far as I know.
Ok. I have tried to pass Mirror Coat to female Feebas (Modest)  and it worked. On the other hand I made an egg Polliwirl with female Feebas and it learnt Hypnosis. In conclusion, I put the male Feebas with Hypnosis along with the Female Feebas with Mirror Coat (Modest nature,holding everstone) in order to bree these 2 moves but the result was a Feebas with only Hypnosis... Please help...! I am talking about Generation 3 (Emerald version). Thank you
Egg moves cannot be passed on by the mother at all sadly. You will have to choose.
How is it possible to pass both Mirror Coat and Hypnosis on Milotic... I have seen it... Could it be another way?
Honestly, I have no idea, I will look into it some more since the move calculator on the DB says Milotic can learn both.
Thank you.
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They aren't in the same Egg Group, so they can't breed.
See here for more info on Egg Groups. http://pokemondb.net/mechanics/breeding

Thank you!