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Should I use Wobbuffet, (Mega) Swampert, or def Deoxys
i mainly want def and hp

I'm pretty sure none of these are good abusers of counter and mirror coat. Since Generation 5, counter and mirror coat have been pretty bad.

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Out of those 3, I suggest you use Wobbuffet and please make sure to have their EVs in Defense and Special Defense maxed out: 252 Def / 252 SpD / 4 HP with a Bold or Calm nature. Wobbuffet is a very slow Pokemon with horrible attack and special attack stats. It has great HP, and since it is slow, you are able to do massive damage with Counter/Mirror Coat with it's defenses being below decent, but it is able to survive still. Never use a Pokemon with high defenses to use Mirror Coat or Counter because both of these retaliation moves does double the damage it receives. So, if a Pokemon with high defenses does not really get damaged at all, it is just a waste in battle.

As an alternative, I suggest you equip Wobbuffet with a Focus Sash and have its defenses be very low. When your opponent attacks (hopefully), your Focus Sash will for sure activate and you are able to Counter or Mirror Coat that attack to KO that opponent :)

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