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Gender: Did you know there are over 63 genders? Theres a 1/63 chance that you get one of them.
Favorite Pokémon: Hawlucha
Friend Codes: 5387-0616-6483 ~ IGN: Kaleb

Currently playing on: Pokemon X/Y since 2014.

*Shiny Trades
*Double/Multi Battles
About me: Top 5 of Everything

Top 5 Favorite Moves:
Brave Bird
Tail Glow
Cosmic Power

Top 5 Hated Moves:
Dark Void (It's annoying af)

Geomancy (With Power Herb.. It is OP)

Teleport (How can you catch a Pokemon with Teleport..)

Memento (It's only good use is with Retaliate/low health)

Constrict (It's half a Bubble)

Top 5 Favorite Pokemon (Excluding Legends):

Top 5 Hated Pokemon:
Clefable (It's annoying af especially with frickin' Minimize)

Magikarp (Whoever thought of this has an iq of 3)

Stunfisk (Just look at it...)

Unown (It only knows Hidden Power!? Why did G.F. decide to add this? It should have some cool ability at least.. It's pokedex entry is cool tho)

Alolan Dugtrio (It's a Dugtrio with hair attached to it... very creative..)

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