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I've been thinking of a good set for Swampert, one of, my favs and I would like to know how to breed a mudkip that knows counter AND mirror coat.

If its even possible, then how?

I know Trachy personally suggested these moves.
in my opinion this is not a very good moveset choose
Many thanks  guys. I'm using the Swampert as a lead due to his decent defenses, high HP, and of course typing; he should be good at setting Stealth Rock and regurgitating damage against all but Grass types.

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Well, it is.
First, in FireRed, LeafGreen, or Emerald, breed a male Corsola with Mirror Coat with a female Mudkip/Marshtomp/Swampert. A baby Mudkip with Mirror Coat should hatch. Then, find the Counter tutor in the game (Celadon Department Store in FR/LG, Battle Frontier in E) Teach it Counter, then migrate it to a Gen IV game. Then, transfer it to Black/White via Poketransfer.

What InfernapePRO said is true also. Get a Wobuffet with both of those moves, breed it with a Shellos/Gastrodon, then breed with a Mudkip/Marshtomp / Swampert.

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ok well here it goes:
wobbafet learns both moves at level 1 so relearn them
breed it into shellos
breed shelos with swampart or any mudkip evolution and there we go
hope this helps