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If I were in a 2-on-2 battle, and used a powerful move against one opponent, and they used mirror coat/counter and sent it to my other pokemon, who also used this move aginst their 2nd pokemon, who uses it against my pokemon. Would this mean that the original damage is 8 times the original, even if this is very unlikely?

In simple terms, can use use mirror coat against mirror coat? or counter a counter attack?

I think Counter and Mirror Coat only worked if you are attacked by the Pokemon you targeted but I'm not sure. I don't really use those moves a lot.
I used to love them in gold and silver, but ever since the 4th generation, and they changed the system of physical and special attacks, it's much harder to predict an attack.

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No you can't. Counter and Mirror Coat will only counter the opponent's move in the current turn. It works like this:

  • Pokemon A chooses Counter, Pokemon B chooses some physical move.
  • B goes first with the attacking move (because counter always goes last)
  • A will use counter to deal double damage to opponent.

Now it's the end of the turn. If Pokemon B chooses counter now, it will go last, therefore it will now counter the next move that Pokemon A does. If both choose Counter in the same move, nothing happens.

I'm saying in a 2 on 2 battle, not one on one.
The scenario would be like this in a 2 on 2

-Pokemon A chooses Leaf Storm
-Pokemon B chooses mirror coat (aimed at Pokemon C)
-pokemon C chooses mirror coat(Aimed at pokemon D)
-Pokemon D chooses mirror coat (aimed at pokemon A)

1.Pokemon A hits pokemon B with leaf storm

2.Pokemon B uses mirror coat and reflects it to Pokemon C

3.Pokemon C reflects mirror coat with another mirror coat to pokemon D

4.pokeon D reflects both with yet another mirror coat to Pokemon A.

I'm asking, as unlikely as this would be to occur, would this happen, making leaf storm 8 times as powerful?
Yes like I said pokemon A would be hit not pokemon C.
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The move would just bounce back to the first pokemon so, no.