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UU is plagued by bulky Water types, question is, which is best? What are the advantages/disadvantages of each of them compared to the others?

do you want one that spins, or lays down entry hazards

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Blastoise is great, it has great defenses and is a great spinner. It also has acces to scald like all water types but compared to the others it is the weaker tank. Although it has great defenses, it can easily get 2HKO by an electric or grass type move whiles the others have acces to reliable recovery moves
- Great Defenses
- Reliable Spinning
- Can induce a status move (Scald burn or toxic)
- Phasing moves (Roar, Dragon Tail)

- Lacks a recovery move

Well tbh, in my opinion Milotic is your best bet. It has great bulk and can tank special hits until you bang your head on your desk. Not to forget that it has acces to a reliable recovery move something that 3 if the 5 lack. It can haze and or phase and or stall to death with toxic and has enough speed to accomplish reliable recovery.
- Great Special Defense
- Reliable recovery move (Recover)
- Status inducing moves
- Phasing moves
- Stat-resetting move (great to block set-up sweepers which means that Suicune can be stalled to death when running calm mind)
- Decent speed stat
- Defensive boost when affected by Sleep, Paralysis, Burn, Poison

- Doesn't take physical attacks as well
- Is rendered useless when taunted

Slowbro is probably one of the most annoying water types to get down due to it's great typing and ability. It's typing is great but renders it weak to many threats such as Gallade, Scrafty, Yanmega etc...Like Milotic it has acces to a reliable recovery move. Not forget it's formidable bulk. With regenerator it can switch out with ease whiles recovering a buch of HP.
- Great Bulk
- Reliable recovery move
- Great Ability
- Acces to status inducing moves
Slowbro and Milotic are very similar to eac hother

- Is rendered an easy bait when taunted( it can always switch out if needed)
- can't stop set-up sweepers (only with scald which is really unreliable)
- Typing renders it weak to grass, electric, dark, ghost, bug. This makes it very easy to bring down when it isn't used properly

Swampert is an excellent Tank that can take many hits and hits back very hard. Probably the hardest out of the 5. Though it must be wary of grass types more then the 5. It has acces to many moves that give it coverage. It's biggest bonus is that it is immune to electric types, a prominent weakness that many water types fail to cover.
- Immune to electric
- Broad movepool
- Acces to status inducing moves
- Great bulk
- Great Attack

- Is horribly weak to grass
- Has low speed meaning that it can easily get 2HKO'd if it fails to KO the threat on the first turn
- Lacks a reliable recovery move which makes it easily outstalled when facing the others.

Suicune is uber bulky but calm mind is it's crutch. Compared to Milotic and Slowbro it is the weakest against taunt since it really relies on it. Other then this it is very impressive as it can just rest itself out of any status inducement. Making it almost impossible to outstall. Although I favour Milotic and I think Milotic will be the most useful, if you want a prominent wall Suicune is very fine Pokemon to pick :)

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You'd probably Just Use it in Rain, Cuz thats all you can do : ]
If that was meant to be an insult, that failed. If you would like to know I can battle without weather but I just tend to do as I enjoy weather the most and to be specific rain. Problem? :)
Yes i do have a problem >:3

Weather is cheap as f*** and I'll Never win against ur weather teams and ur Haxrachi's with my pathetic half assed attempts at OU Teams. :3
Weather isn't cheap. You must know what Pokemon to use in what weather and how well each weather Pokemon can work with the other.Also, I took a break from Haxrachi to test new waters. And it's not like you have never defeated me...you defeated me once :3
suicune is the best see mine in battle-> http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/uu-128492894