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Formats: UU, Uber, and OU (1v1, not Doubles)
This is in terms of moves, type advantages, type disadvantages and the Pokemon themselves.

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^ That and the Water-Type Pokemon themselves are quite decent
Water Pokemon occupy more good spots in the viability rankings of all three formats, though explaining why that is is pretty difficult. I guess there are simply more water Pokemon.
Electric is my favorite but this comment is against the rules so I will make it a legal comment: Electric is a better type in competitive for it's swift speed, and its one weakness.
It’s not against the rules to express what your favourites are, that would be kind of insane. Just try not to let those biases cloud your assessment of fact.
Water is a nice type and can easily be paired with other typings. However, when an electric type is combined with just the right typing, the Pokemon may become extremely powerful. (Stunfisk)

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Generally speaking, more electric type Pokemon tend to be in higher tiers. But, it all depends on what your team needs.

How are Kyogre, mega Gyarados, mega Swampert, Pelipper, Keldeo, Greninja, Toxapex, and Tapu Fini not in higher tiers?
I didn't say there anweren'any water types in higher tiers, just that there tends to be more electric types than water types in the higher tiers
Can you name a single higher tier that has more electric types than water types?