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I've seen a lot of Chansey last week and I cannot battle them !

Why is Chansey OU and Blissey just UU ??

Is Chansey better ? Why ? How ?

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Chansey is better due to access to Eviolite, which makes it more bulky overall, especially in Defence where it needs bulk the most.

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Simple answer: Eviolite.

Raises Def & Sp.Def by 50% which Blissey can't make use of.

This puts it's stats well above Blissey.

The only Item you'd really want either of them to hold would be leftovers (besides eviolite) and if you do the math, the boost Chansey gets far outweighs the recovery that Blissey would get during your average battle, so because they both have similar move pools, Chansey wins out.

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Thank you !