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I've heard some answers saying Chansey has better defense than Blissey if it has eviolite, but wouldn't its defense only be 7.5 with eviolite, compared to blissey's 10? The Pokemon showdown description for Eviolite says ''If holder's species can evolve, its defense and special defense are 1.5x'' so, 5 x 1.5 = 7.5?

No sadly lol. In Pokemon Showdown, chansey is and will always be hire than Blissey. The stats with the eviolite are higher because they're multiplied by 1.5. Making blissey able to eat up non super effective hits like an egg. And any special attack does not penetrate this mon.

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The answers you are reading are correct -- Eviolite Chansey does (usually) have higher Defence than Blissey with the same investment in its stat. You seem to have misunderstood how stat modifiers such as that which Eviolite provides are applied to a Pokemon's stats. They are not multiplied with the Pokemon's base stats the way you mentioned -- instead, they are an extension of the equation the game uses to determine Pokemon stats (the ones seen in a Pokemon's summary or on Showdown's teambuilder). Perhaps this is best explained by bringing up that equation here (credit to Bulbapedia):

Stat equation

The eqation above is used to determine every stat except HP, which is determined slightly differently. You may notice two things about this that relate to your question -- firstly, that base stats (represented by Base) are part of this equation, and secondly that there appears to be no place for any item modifier for boosts like Eviolite's 1.5x boost. This is because such modifiers, along with staged boosts (like those gained from Dragon Dance or lost from Indimidate) are considered after this calculation is made, and are not applied to the base stat which was already considered in the above eqation.

Bascially, Eviolite is not [Base stat] x 1.5, but instead [Full stat] x 1.5, which is why Eviloite Chansey beats Blissey in most instances. For example, if we took a Chansey and Blissey with the investment they both typcially use in competitive (252 Defence, Bold nature and 31 IVs), their stats would reach 119 and 130 respectively. However, 119 with Eviloite's 1.5x boost reaches 179 after rounding, which is about 37% better than Blissey. This is because Chansey's effective stat -- including its nature, base stats, IVs, EVs, level, etc. -- was multiplied by 1.5, not just its base stat.

It is worth noting, however, that Eviolite Chansey isn't always better, but for all competitive purposes, it's much better than Blissey. If Eviloite Chansey and Blissey each had their minimum defence stats (0 EVs, 0 IVs and a negative nature), Blissey would beat Eviolite Chansey by a few points (22 to 20 respectively, after rounding) but obviously this isn't reasonable in actual play.

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The Eviolite multiplies the actual stat total, not the base stat. So, in this case, Chansey's actual Defense stat at level 100 is 119 (maximum investment, Bold). 119 x 1.5 = 178.5, while Blissey's Defense stat stays at 130 (maximum investment, Bold).
This is the general rule of thumb for any type of stat modifier, such as Huge Power or Choice items, for example.

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EeveeSquads I Wouldn't Say So, Eviolite Can Be Knocked Off Which Is A Common Move Blissey Does This With Leftovers Whitch Also Will Be Knocked Off, Which Left Them Both Normally With A Blissey As Our Victor. Here Is What I Mean,
https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-994814124 The Blissey Took A Knock Off And Burn Without Really Losing Anything.

So a Chansey in that same situation would lose to knock off? I don't think so.

-2 0+ Atk Huge Power Azumarill Superpower vs. 4 HP / 252+ Def Chansey: 214-254 (33.3 - 39.5%) -- guaranteed 3HKO
sumwun Well, it wouldn't lose I meant it would take more damage from superpower When the eviolite is knocked off. ;) great thinking though
How much damage you take doesn't matter if you can still win the battle. And occasionally losing battles to knock off doesn't matter if you can win more battles against teams without knock off.
All I'm saying is chansey is more vulnerable to the move knock off. Have you heard that it is a common move? Have you heard of trick and switcheroo? Magic room? Embargo?

Well... the awnser to that is no. All you want is the last word so it sounds like you have your point forward...

Also Tyranitar is common so shssssh unless you have something logical and interesting to say...