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Which has the better base stats, Eviolite included?

Which has the better movepool?

Does the Eviolite make Chansey's defenses equal to or greater than Blissey's?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Well..Technically Blissey can know every move Chansey can seeing as it evolves from it. Chansey with Evolite can have a max S.Defense of 508.5, the Max Defense of 178.5(Still low), and the Max of 704 HP. Blissey has the Max S.Def of 405, the Max Defense of 130, and the Max HP of 714. So overall Chansey is significantly more bulky however, Blissey can use Leftovers, or in fact any Item it wants while Chansey is stuck with Eviolite. Blissey also has a usable S.Attack, that can be further boosted by Calm-mind, Chansey has a very poor S.Attack.

Because Blissey has decent Sp Atk, a good moveset for it is Ice Beam, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, and, of course, Softboiled. Amazing type coverage (at least normally effective to all Pokémon except Rotom Heat) and health regen.