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I prefer Chansey over Blissey, so I was wondering which item I should have it hold.

Evolite. It boosts it's defenses. Chansey always runs evolite.

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Basically, eviloite. The only reason people use Chansey over Blissey is so they can use Eviloite to boost both defensive stats much higher than blissey, at the cost of an item.

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Exactly what I was thinking.  +1
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Chansey is beast wit evolite, to put it first. With a 105 base SDef stat and a 250 base HP stat it is a feared SAtk wall. Holding an evolite and with moves like Softboiled and refresh, it makes those SAtk users want to bang their heads on any hard object. Evolite will boost Chansey's measly 5 base Def, so Chansey won't heavily demolished by any physical attack, not to mention any physical fighting move.

I suggest this basic moveset:
Ice Beam/Egg Bomb

Suggested EVs: 252 SAtk / 252 Spd / 4 Def

Suggested Nature: Timid or Modest

Anyway, I hope I helped.

Thanke for the help
Offense on Chansey is a waste. If you want to use offensive moves, use Blissey. Although still stick away from Psychic and Egg Bomb. And still don't give it offensive investment. Refresh is also useless on the gal because she has Natural Cure. And Heal Bell/Aromatherapy, which greatly outclass Refresh.
Seismic Toss is basically chansey's only decent offense. c:
Egg Bomb ;-;-;-;