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my fav-
Chansey holding Lucky Punch
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 Sp.A
Ability: Serene Grace
Nature: Modest
- Aromatherapy(no need for explanation)
- Soft-Boiled(same here)
- Charge Beam( damage +sp.a)
- Mud Bomb(accurary + damage)
though ground types cause problems, use water type Pokemon

Sorry, I really don't understand the question :F
I think hes asking if ^^^ is better/worse than blissey

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Lucky punch blissey should never be used, but evoilite works amazingly well.
Blissey, to me, has a few more roles than chansey.
I like to use a counter blissey with a focus sash to insta-kill any physical sweeper especially boosted stat ones.
Also, if you're UU, you can't use chansey, so blissey is the other option.
The bulkier is chansey, but it depends on your teams weaknesses, like if talonflame is a threat blissey would be perfect.
[email protected] focus sash
-healing wish
-stealth rock
-anything else

[email protected] evoilite
Ability: healer
Evs: 252 HP; 252 Def; 4 Sp def
Nature: Def +; atk -
-stealth rock/ wish/ soft-boiled/ heal bell
-counter/seismic toss
-stealth rock/ wish/ soft-boiled/ heal bell

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