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they all have rock-hard defense, ussable offences and decent typing, but which makes a better tank?

All in the typing.

OU uses more Scizor, Tyranitar, Latios, Salamence, Skarmory.

Judging by the typing, we see that Mega Slowbro can be decent here, but barely. Here Steelix and Aggron score over Slowbro. Keep in mind, however, Jirachi and other Steel types cannot even dent Slowbro, so yeah, the score is tied :\

Then again, Rotom W. Here, none of the above actually can take a direct Hydro Pump.

 Infernape and Lucario: Both capable Mixed Sweepers. And that spells trouble for everyone, so again, we are tied here.

Starmie, Gliscor, Breloom: Here, Slowbro has a tiny advantage over the others. Very tiny.
[Ugh, why is this so hard?]



(Come to think of it, I'm sure you wont use them here, what with all the Special Sweepers.)

However, given Kyogre's prevalence, Slowbro > the other two

That's all for Uber, tbh.
thanks. but special attackers in Ubers? they coudn't even OHKO my torkoal (yes, I had Torkoal on an Ubers team).
^ That right there is true bravery.
Just look at your name man and you will figure out :P

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So, mega slowbro, mega steelix, and mega aggron are both fantastic Pokemon but you're trying to choose a favourite.

Mega slowbro, has incredible amount of defense and sp. attack with would be great. He has the most hp between the 3 and could be a tough Pokemon to defeat. Also, mega slowbro could learn many moves from various types. And, his ability reduces critical hits. Therefore, it wouldn't be pretty helpful since critical hits barely occur (but still pretty powerful.

Mega steelix is another great choice, since his defense is extremely high. Along with his sp. defense, mega steelix is not a Pokemon who can be defeated in one shot (unless a Pokemon has incredible amount of attack and sp. attack. Also, his ability cannot active without this use of a sandstorm, so you would have to use up one of your move slots for sandstorm - unless you're doing double battle where someone else could learn it.

Mega aggron, has some of the highest defense, and he has great attack that goes along with it. His ability is incredible because it reduces damage from supereffective attacks (fire, fighting, and ground) The only weakness he has is that his special defense and speed is terrible and could be a downfall since most moves and Pokemon are special rather than physical. Also, he has the highest ev total which is excellent. He also has the most resistances and the least

So, by seeing this, I think the best option would be between mega steelix and mega aggron. To me, you should evolve your slowbro into slowking since it's the best attack and speed Pokemon combined, with a lot of defense too. I think mega steelix and mega aggron are very similar, but if you highly insist of getting the greater Pokemon, I think you should choose mega aggron when dealing with battle wise - even though some may choose mega steelix (maybe me)

I'll leave this up to you. Hopefully I've helped!

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