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This is assuming min speed Mega-Steelix however he is very Heavy, so I was wondering which would better on average. Furthermore, does Gyro Ball become weak in Trick Room, as this would be on a TR team? Also would they both get the Sand Force boost? Thanks

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Speed doesn't affect weight. Like if your opponent used scary face Heavy Slam won't get more powerful
Mega Steelix isn't good in VGC.

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  1. Gyro Ball is unaffected by trickroom. It only changes the way speed is played in battle. For example if you have 40 speed and your opponent is 130 while trick room is up, you will go first, but you still only have 40 speed.
  2. I would say Heavy Slam unless you also have Curse in which Gyro Ball is the better option. Mega Steelixs Base Power for Heavy slam is 120. Making in more consistent and has a higher PP so it can be used more.
  3. They both get powered by Sand Force as they are both Steel type moves.

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Well its not always 120 base power though, Thanks I wasn't sure about the Trick Room thing.
for steelix it is always 120, other pokes will vary
Tbh, I would actually go for Gyro Ball here. Reason being majority of the VGC metagame is pretty heavy, so Heavy Slam is somewhat hampered. On the contrary, quite a bit of the VGC metagame has 70+ speed (save the Trick Room users) so Gyro Ball hurts like a giant steel-clad serpent. PP isn't usually an issue because most VGC games last no more than 15 turns, and 8 PP is more than enough for one game.
Heavy Slam's BP depends on the weight of BOTH the USER and the TARGET, so it is not possible for it to be 120 all the time
Oh my bad.
Okay I think I will go for Gyro Ball
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Mega Steelix has the 120 base power against all Pokemon that are cryogonal (326.3 lbs or 148 kg) or lighter than it.
here you can check those out: