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steelix hasn't got too good sp.def plus I want it to go first but can't decide if I want trick room or rock polish?

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I suggest going with Trick Room Steelix. As you said, its Maximum Speed total is 174, which isn't even close to outspeed a bunch of Pokemon. That is why you should use Trick Room, because it's Speed is so low(measly 86 as lowest), that it can outspeed anything when under Trick Room. Also, if you use Rock Polish, you still won't be able to outspeed much considering Pokemon run Choice Scarf and have high Speed Base total.

So for this guy, I suggest rolling with Trick Room.

-Mike Y(^_^)Y

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Trick Room. Steelix's speed is very low, and it would take about three RPs to get to even a machamps level. And trick room is a threat to the meta game of gen V because of how much everyoe loves those fast pokemon, and that now very common sight, the blaziken.Trick room would put that to your advantage.

definitely not, if you max out steelix's speed to 174 and use one rock polish it would outspeed a max speed machamp