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Frosmoth, with a base speed of 65, is often used with a speed boosting move. But no one ever uses Trick Room Frosmoth to skip the set up and why is that so?

What format/rules are you asking about?

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But no one ever uses Trick Room Frosmoth to skip the set up and why is that so?

Because Quiver Dance doesn't only raise its Speed

Quiver Dance + Ice Scales makes it an amazing Special Tank, as it already sports 125 base Special Attack and 90 base Special Defense. The main attraction of Quiver Dance, in my opinion, is to turn a potential wallbreaker into a sweeper that has the nice touch of being able to take a Special hit.

Trick Room would waste its potential, basically. It only makes Frosmoth "fast" for 5 turns, and it's stuck with very good but not incredible Special Attack. Using Trick Room prevents it from boosting with Quiver Dance, making it miss out on things that could've been KOs. Plus, if you're playing a format with Dynamaxing, it would also prevent it from being a Max Airstream sweeper.

For those reasons, Quiver Dance is just a much better strategy.

Hope this helps! :)

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But no one ever uses Trick Room Frosmoth to skip the set up and why is that so?

It is because Frosmoth needs that boosted Special Attack

Quiver Dance boosts both it's Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. Trick Room just makes the slower Pokemon move faster. Frosmoth's movepool has a lot of Special moves, so Quiver Dance raises its Special Attack, and that will be really helpful.

Hope I've helped!

Source 1: https://pokemondb.net/pokedex/frosmoth
Source 2: Experience

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Source 1 doesn't say anything about why Frostmoth doesn't use Trick Room. Also, boosting 125 Sp A is *not* needed, as it is good enough, it doesn't *need* it, it would just be better. I think that's all I can think of that can be changed in this answer.
Darga, source one proves that Frosmoth can learn lots of SpA moves
Yes, I know it can.
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Quiver dance, because it raises not only speed but other stats as well. However, if you use Trick Room, the opponent could just switch to a slower Pokemon. It depends, do you want to make your frosmoth move first in one move for 5 turns, or do you want to keep raising your stats that last for the whole battle until you switch.

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