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I just got an Aerodactyl with the Aerodactylite, so I was wondering if Mega Aerodactyl is good for competetive battling.


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Mega Aerodactyl has several things going for it:

+) blistering Speed
+) high Attack is complimented by Tough Claws
+) decent coverage
+) okay typing

However, there are some things that hold him back:

-) shoddy Defence, Sp. Defence and HP
-) any attack that takes advantage of Tough Claws is usually quite weak
-) weakness to common attacking types
-) Talonflame exists

M-Aero, while flawed, definitely has a spot in the competitive battling scene. However, it suffers from a merely okay movepool and the fact that he takes up a Mega Slot, whilst other Flying types like Zapdos and Talonflame are usually better options. Here is my reccommended set for M-Aero:

Air Strike (Aerodactyl)@ Aerodactylite
Ability: Unnerve
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 Def
Jolly/Adamant Nature
- Stone Edge/Rock Slide
- Earthquake
- Protect
- Sky Drop/Ice Fang/Fire Fang/Iron Head

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Why would you go for Protect? Is there a better option?
Yeah, sorry. My Pokémon brain is kinda hard-wired to VGC (doubles), where everything has Protect. Here are some alternatives:

Aqua Tail, Thunder Fang, Dragon Claw

If you want support moves:

Tailwind, Defog, Stealth Rock

If this Aero is for Doubles, you could use any of the above moves, as well as the following:

Protect, Wide Guard

I hope this helps!
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  • Base Speed is 150 ( With beneficial Nature and max EVs/ IVs > 438 Speed)
  • Base Attack is 135 ( With beneficial Nature and max EVs/ IVs > 405 Attack)
  • Great Movepool that allows coverage of its own weaknesses.
  • With Tough Claws moves like: Aerial Ace, (Ice, Fire, Thunder) Fangs, and Iron Head will be boosted by 33%.


  • Defensive stats are not its strong point.

With great stats in Attack and Speed Aerodactyl will fulfill all your Physical Sweeper needs. So, with the right team and strategy Mega Aerodactyl will be good competively.

Hope I've Helped!

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