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Sure, it's Uber according to Smogon, but not everyone adheres to Smogon. So can anyone give me some decent ways to counter?



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Gengar. Or any ghost type in general.

Most Kangaskhan-Mega carry Return, Fake Out, Sucker Punch, and Power-up Punch, while some carry earthquake and seismic toss. Rarely and of them use Shadow Claw.

But, here is the set to counter a typical Mega Kang

Gengar @Black Sludge
252 HP/200 Speed/52 Sp. Atk
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Timid
-Shadow Ball
-Sludge Bomb

Typical Mega-Kang cannot touch Gengar without using sucker punch, so sub up and willowisp is to weaken it ASAP. But also beware of switch-outs

Hope I helped!

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I apologize for answering this question so late after the best answer was chosen, but Sableye provides a decent counter. It has access to priority Will-O-Wisp, crippling Mega Kangaskhan for the rest of the battle, and Foul Play will do quite a lot do damage as well.