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Which is better competitively Mega Kangaskhan or Mega Metagross and why?

Please make the answer as detailed as possible, I will be sure to read every answer and reply to you if I have any more questions. Thanks for helping me build my team! If you have any questions about this question to give your answer to the best of your ability, don't be afraid to ask me questions in the comment section. :) Please include how the move pools, stats, or abilities are better. If the Pokemon you choose is better, please suggest on how to use it and what to EV and IV train/breed it in. If it has multiple abilities please suggest the better one:) THANK YOU!

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Gen 6 or 7?
it is gen 7
What format are you asking about?
The format is Ubers

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In Ubers, Metagross is better. Metagross's physical attack is 20 points higher, which is good for obvious reasons. Its STAB attacks are super effective against common threats like Xerneas, Marshadow, and fairy Arceus, while Kangaskhan's STAB attacks aren't super effective against anything. Metagross also learns ice punch, letting it cover the always common flying types and ground types.

In OU, both are banned, so both are useless.

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