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Iron Head or Meteor Mash?
Meteor Mash has more power and a 20% chance to raise attack, but has the tiny chance to miss which no one can afford and can cost them the game.
Iron Head has 10 less base power but more accuracy and can save someone with that 30% to flinch which is good enough.
So which one is better on a Mega Metagross?
Alo suggest pros and cons please.

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Doesn't Meteor Mash have a chance of raising your attack?

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Meteor Mash
1) Has an amazing 90 base power.
2) 20% chance to increase attack by 1 stage which would give the move an even greater power!

1)90 accuracy means it has a little chance of missing,which could be a problem in some stages of the game.

Iron Head
1)Has a 30 % chance to flinch the opponent.
2) Has a higher accuracy than Meteor Mash

1) Has less power than Meteor Mash,which could prove to be crucial
2)It can only flinch if the opponent has not moves yet.Meaning it would not flinch opponents that are faster than Mega Metagross.
3) Cannot flinch Pokemon behind a substitute or Pokemon with inner focus.

I would go with Meteor Mash here because of the power and the chance to increase attack,despite the lack of accuracy.If you are worried about the accuracy,have a another move that has 100% accuracy so that you can use it on the crucial stages.

Hope I helped!

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Reasons and pros and cons?
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