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My team has both metagross and tyranitar and while I was planning for having tyranitar as my mega, I was informed that standard metagross has been struggling as of late.


Should I switch to metagross as my mega?

Depends on the rest of your team and the format.
Tyranitar Bulky bruiser (Lots of hp and attack)
Milotic (Meh but it will do)
Gengar Sweeper
Salamence Bulky sweeper
Infernape sweeper

From what I can tell I need a steel to offset my weaknesses (not to mention its my fav type). Metagross (which has been struggling supposedly or scizor?)
What format?

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In my opinion, both mega evolutions would do for their respective tier. Mega Tyranitar gets a substantial boost in attack and defense, therefore making it an effective bulky attacker for the OU format.

If you're going with the Ubers format, Mega Metagross is also a great option. Metagross has lackluster special defense, so it isn't an effective bulky sweeper, nor an effective fast sweeper with a base speed stat of 70. However, when it mega evolves, it can out speed a large number of opponents. If an opponent happens to be faster, than Mega Metagross can take hits. Lastly, upon mega evolving, Metagross gains "Tough Claws", boosting most if its physical attacks.

It really depends on the format. But if I had to choose one, it would be Mega Metagross, because regular Metagross isn't a top tier Pokémon(UU), while Tyranitar works almost just as well its mega evolution.

***btw I'm not exactly a master in competitive, so please correct me if you think my opinion is totally wrong. :)

First, you can't assume he's playing with Smogon tiers, as there are lots of Battle Spot players on this site. Second, both Pokemon are OU in Generation 6. Third, if he really is playing OU, then mega Tyranitar isn't an effective bulky attacker because it has lots of weaknesses. Fourth, "because regular Metagross isn't a top tier Pokemon" isn't a good argument, because he probably isn't being forced to use Metagross, so suggesting to replace it with something like Latios would probably be more helpful than suggesting to give it a mega stone, as that would take up the mega slot.
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