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Sup fellas, here's the thing; I'm used to fighting Mega Kangaskhans in wifi & local battles, & I'd get hit with Earthquakes once, & Rockslides once. Did the rules change or something recently? I took part in the April 2014 Friendly, & after getting my points above 1800 I basically started fighting the same team over & over again. Everyone was doing the same thing, & Mega Kangaskhans kept hitting me twice on the Earthquake / Rockslide every time, destroying my Ferrothorn which was made specifically to counter Mega K. Without the double earthquake, I am 100% guaranteed to wipe the floor with Mega K. This caused me BIG time, as I ended up finishing with a measly 1728 due to Mega K doing what I've never seen her done before. Did I miss something?


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Yes, Mega Kangaskhan's ability is Parental Bond, which makes its attacks hit twice with the second hit having 1/2 of the first attack's original power. Since when Mega Kangaskhan Mega Evolves, its baby jumps out of its pouch to fight as well, it only makes sense that the baby would attack.

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After battling it for a while I got the impression that moves like Earthquake & Rockslide don't hit you twice, cuz it never did hit me twice before. Maybe there's a condition here I'm not seeing, but I don't recall ever taking double Earthquakes. Moves like Return & stuff hit twice sure, but I heard that moves that don't single out specific targets only hit once, & that's why Earthquakes never hit me twice before. You're not telling me anything about parental bond that I don't already know man. There's something else I'm not getting.
I figured it out. Apparently the speculation that multi target moves don't hit twice was a myth, & only seemed to make sense because of one thing. The last time I faced a series of Mega K's was in the X&Y Beta competition which was a Doubles Division competition. The answer was, that Mega K's Earthquake & Rockslide hits you once in Doubles, but twice in Singles, so I was just mislead by the battle conditions lol.