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Pros and Cons are strongly suggested
Im doing Competitive Battles so take that in mind


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Pros to Aerodactyl
~Great Attack and Speed, will function as a Sweeper
~Tough Claws is a great ability
~Wide Coverage with the Fang attacks

~Lacks a truly reliable STAB move - Stone Edge (Misses ALOT), Rock Slide (90 Accuracy and only 75 power), and Fly (Gives opponent chance to switch out)
~Not very bulky (Compared to other Megas) 80/85/95
~5 weaknesses.

Pros to Scizor
~Physical tank with good Special Defense.
~150 Attack with access to swords dance
~Bullet punch with Technician following a swords dance is a big hit.
~Access to Roost
~Only one weakness
~50% of all types are weak to it

~4x weak to fire
~Low Speed (75)
~Smaller Movepool

Go with Scizor.
Bulkier, hits harder, has a boosted priority move, BETTER.

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-Mega Aero has good Attack and Speed, as well as a better HP Stat than Mega Scizor. It has access to good STAB and Coverage Moves. It also has a good ability. Iron Head can be a good Coverage move since it can cover 2 weaknesses.

-Mega Sciz has good Attack, Defense and Special Defense. It still has Technician and it can wreck stuff with ease. It has a good resistance to most types. Technician boosted Bullet Punch... damn.

-Mega Aero has really bad defenses.

-Mega Scizor still has the 4x Fire weakness... It has a lower HP than M-Aero, and low Speed, but that can be easily fixed with Bullet Punch

I would go for Mega Scizor.

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