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I like them both, they both are fast, and they both hit hard.
What makes one better than the other?

Pros and Cons strongly suggested


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Aerodactyl VS Archeops!


1: Pros and Cons of Aerodactyl


  • Physical Sweeper Potential is excellent.
  • It can Mega-Evolve, making it a nice addition to a team lacking a strong Physical Sweeper.
  • An excellent offensive Stealth Rock choice. Opting for it means that even at the last 1 HP, you can Stealth Rock before Fainting, which means that you have a useful lead.
  • An excellent Movepool.
  • Quickly frustrating to battle if using Pressure + Fly.
  • Tailwind makes it viable in Doubles, as well as viable as a supporter.
  • Mega-Aerodactyl's excellent stats makes it viable in OU.
  • Though Claw cheers you to use Dragon Claw and the Elemental Fangs.
  • 150 Base Speed is way too high. Abuse it.
  • Even as Aerodactyl, it has a high, very high 130 Base Speed, meaning that Scarf is not mandatory if you won't us Mega-Aerodactyl.


  • Ridiculously weak defensively.
  • It do not abuse its typing: It has good resistance, but even not very effective moves will 2HKO.
  • No Brave Bird.
  • Fears Rotom-Wash.
  • Where is Head Smash !?

2: Pros and Cons of Archeops


  • Excellent offensive stats, even stronger than Mega-Aerodactyl.
  • Pretty fast.
  • A very wide Movepool.
  • Acrobatics.
  • A good scout, and a candidate premier to abuse Wish from any member of the team.
  • It gets Roost, at least.


  • Defeatist.
  • Its defense is a joke. Aerodactyl is better in this department.
  • Even worse in doubles; Weak to Surf, Weak to Rock Slide and no ways to remove Defeatist though normal strategies leading to Motor Drive Gyarados.
  • Shame le high special attack for only Focus Blast, Earth Power and Ancient Power.
  • Head Smash is not helping it.

3: Le Choice

Aerodactyl all the way. Look at the Cons of Archeops and deduct it simply can't use its Pros, leading to another useless Pokémon. Even non Mega-Aerodactyl is better.

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High Base attack and Speed.
Fairly good movepool.
It can Mega evolve giving it a greater advantage over Archeops.


Basically it will faint upon being hit with a super effective move being it has low defensive stats.



Same as Aerodactyl great speed and attack.


It's fragile as well except it's ability is Defeatist which makes all stats go.down upon having a little less than half HP.

Overall Aerodactyl is better since it can Mega evolve adding to it's already high Attack and Speed.

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