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I need a Physical Sweeper, I have experimented with Mega Charizard before and I do know that:

Power Punch does massive damage due to Tough Claws and helps you start sweeping
Flame Charge does massive damage due to STAB and Tough claws and helps you start sweeping

Pros and Cons are strongly suggested
Take note that these Pokemon are for Competitive battles

Who else is on your team?

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Garchomp pros:

Amazing attack stat
Sand boosted
Access to Swords Dance
Good dual STABs
Can run Fire blast for steels
Good bulk


Sub-Par speed
No dragon Dance

Garchomp is an excellent wallbreaker, but can only truly sweep under sticky web.

Mega charizard Pros:

good bulk for an offensive mon
Good dual STABs
Access to Roost
Access to Dragon Dance
Can run mixed


can be stopped by bulky waters

as a sweeper unless you have sticky web I would go for charizard

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Good dual STABs, fantastic bulk, and can run mixed should be noted on Garchomp.
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Alright, lets start off with Garchomp

Very high Atk(at base stat of 170!)
Either Decent or Good in all of stats

Slower when Mega Evolved
Has a 4x weakness to ice type, meaning it will most likely NOT survive an ice type attack
Has a horrible abitiliy, Sand Force, which it needs to set up sandstorm to activate and wastes 1 turn

If you are planning to use Garchomp, use this example:


Outrage-Gonna sweep with Swords Dance
Swords Dance-To set up
Dragon Rush-STAB, Replacement for Outrage

Ok, next is Charizard

Dragon fire type, great dual/mix up
Decent/Great base stats
Great ability

Has not that great base stats in Sp. Def and Hp, meaning it probaly wont survive a Earth Power

If youre choosing Charizard, heres an example:

Charizard X

Flare Blitz- Main Move, STAB
Outrage- STAB
Dragon Dance-Sets up
Steel Wing- Beats up any opposing Rock type Pokemon

I would personally go for Charizard, as it is Faster than Garchomp and can learn Dragon Dance via Breeding and can sweep.

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Megas cant hold items other than the mega stone or else they cant become mega
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