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They're too different to be compared.
Except people did compare them below. I am fine with this, plenty of ways to compare them (e.g. Garchomp has a better offensive typing, Metagross has a better Mega, etc). Fate's answer is also a fair response to these if it is needed.

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As with many choices, it's very situational and depends heavily upon personal preference and the rest of your team. Garchomp is a fast, powerful Sweeper with a good movepool. On the other hand, Metagross is bulky, strong, and has great defensive typing. So...

  • If you need something to just take out the enemy fast, definitely go with Garchomp.
  • If what your team requires is a tank to take hits and dish them out, by all means go with Metagross.
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They have equal ammounts of base total stats. They both have a total of 600.

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Duh.  They're both Pseudo-Legendaries.
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In my opinion, I believe that Metagross is more powerful because of its type, abilities and mega.
Regular Metagross' stats are pretty good; a lot of defense and attack along with an OK amount of speed. Its abilities, Light Metal and Clear Body are also very good. Light Metal lowers damage from attacks such as Grass Knot, Heat Crash, Heavy Slam and Low Kick, while Clear Body prevents others from lowering its stats. If Metagross' HP is a problem, then the steel type will make it resistant to a lot of types.
Metagross' mega is also very good; it gets the ability Tough Claws, which boosts the power of contact moves, which means that it will also absolutely destroy Pokemon with abilities such as Flame Body or Static. Almost every stat is boosted a lot (except its HP, but that's not a huge problem).

With Garchomp, it's also a nice Pokemon; it has some (sort of?) balanced stats, two great abilities and a pretty good (but predictable and slightly mediocre) movepool. It's a bit angering that some good moves are egg moves, but that's still OK. The main reason why Garchomp isn't that good is its mega. Sure, it has 700 base stats, but you can't really see the improvement apart from that. The speed gets cut unlike Metagross (Metagross' speed gets boosted when it mega evolves) and the special defense is barely boosted. It's all with Garchomp's attack and such, which were already good. Plus, it loses its useful abilities and gets Sand Force instead. What I'm trying to say here is that Metagross' mega has a lot of improvement, unlike Garchomp's meaningless mega. Metagross also has better abilities and a better type. (Did I mention that ground has quite a lot of weaknesses? Sure, ground Pokemon can learn OP moves like Earthquake and such, but still.)

In conclusion, Metagross is better than Garchomp. Metagross has little to no problems, especially with its mega, while Garchomp's abilities are still not as good as Metagross' and the mega evolution is useless.