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Okay, so, so far I have:
METAGROSS - Adamant Nature #Leftovers
252 ATK EVs . 252 DEF EVs . 4 SP DEF EVs

  • Agility
  • Earthquake
  • Meteor Mash
    > Bullet Punch << Will Be Replaced

And l searched up questions for Metagross other people asked, and it seems like I was going in the right direction.
The only thing is, l don't think I like what moves they have as their fourth.
Can someone suggest a different approach?
I like the idea (kind of) of having Explosion as a last resort, but I made this Metagross as supposed to being a Physical Wall. (Deal damage as well as take damage, l switch to my Blissey if there are Special Attacks coming)

Don't you mean tank?
Yeah, I meant tank, I just didn't know the term.

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There are a number of things you can do with Metagross-

Iron Defense-While not used as much due to most people exposing his lower special defense, this move makes him almost invincible with respect to physical moves, works well with leftovers too.

Explosion- A good last ditch move for when he's low on health or you desperately need to get rid of a pokemon on your opponent's team.

You could go for a different approach, by replacing meteor mash and agility with hammer arm and gyro ball. Hammer arm would lower your speed, thus boosting the power of gyro ball.

Zen headbutt-a good psychic move if you need some STAB power.

There are a ton of things you can do with him.

Hmm, l like that Zen Headbutt / Gyroball idea, but that would pretty much leave my Metagross exposed to so many attacks because of the lowered speed...
As for Iron Defense, that was my reason for EV training it for DEF...
Maybe I should stick with Explosion?
Btw, quick quick question
l didn't even know Metagross could learn Explosion until fifteen minutes ago, how does Metagross learn it?
MidnightSky, Metagross learns Explosion by TMs.
Keep in mind Metagross has very high defense, and good typing, so special attacks still won't do a lot of damage, as long as you avoid fire type moves, he should be fine.
@Pokemisstress Oh okay, thanks!

@DarkTyphlosion l guess you're right, and another super super quick quick question, what hold item should I give him? Since he is my Physical Wall, and Physical Attacker... I was thinking Leftovers? Or another hold item that may make his attacks more effective.