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I really need a good Dragon and Ground type pokémon to cover my team weaknesses. I already got a Zygarde, Gible, and Trapinch, but I don't know which one to raise for my in-game team.

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Garchomp: Pros: Can Have Very high attack, Good Speed, Very strong Mega Evolution, Mega Garchomp has highest stat total of all 3, can cover weaknesses well. Cons: Mega is very Slow.

Zygarde: Pros: Highest regular stats out of the 3, immune to ground, can run many different types of sets. Cons: Slow, Shallow move base.

Flygon: Pros: Very Fast, Good Coverage, decent attack, plentiful move set, Easily Banded or scarfed. Cons: Lowest Stats out of any of the 3, weaker defenses.

Out of all 3, I would choose Garchomp, but it's your choice.
Thanks!- TBE

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Thanks! My Gabite is doing pretty good right now.
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Zygarde is dookie. Flygon is only good with choice scarf and you turn. Maybe a power up punch/earthquake set would come in handy eventually. I would go with Garchomp. He's fast, solid, and hits HARD.

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