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Or Steel-Types to get hit by Poison-Type attacks, or Electric to hit Ground?

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no, but there is a ring target
As far as I know, the only move that kind of achieves this is Soak. Also, the Ring Target allows a Pokemon holding it to be hit by any move, but that's not a move.

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If a Pokemon is holding a Ring Target, it can be hit buy Non-effective moves. The ability Scrappy allows Normal type moves to hit Ghost type Pokemon.

The move soak can change the Pokemon's type to water, allowing it to be hit with previously non-effective moves.

The moves Gravity and Smack Down allow Flying types/Levitate/Magnet Risers to be hit with Ground type Moves.

There are no moves that will hit unaffected Pokemon directly (unaided by a move like soak), unless you count Gen 1. In Gen 1, moves like Sonic Boom, Night Shade, and Seismic Toss effect Pokemon of every type.

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I'm pretty sure that Soak changes the type of the Pokemon it's used on to pure Water type. Wouldn't this kind of achieve what the asker wants?
Would the Pokemon not be Fairy Type any longer? They are now hitting a water type Pokemon.
Like normal and fighting can hit ghost type by odor sleuth or ability scrappy.
Corrosion (ability)  makes steel or poison type be poisoned.
Gravity is one of the other good move if you found a Elektross scammer. But it takes a turn to do this.
If a Pokemon is holding a Ring Target, it can be hit buy Non-effective moves.
If you want a dragon move to be hit on a fairy type, you should make that poke learn steel-type move. Poison move is good either by the way, but 0x on steel move.
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As of Gen 8, there’s also the move Magic Powder. It works like Soak, but it turns the target into a Psychic-type.
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