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fairy is good and dragon is bad, and the good have to win? well thats how fairy tales goes. the dragon dies at the end
or its because nintendo made it that way
All the  answers state it is because dragons are evil. This is not entirely true.
*Asian* dragons symbolize good things, like prosperity and rain for crops.
Fairy Type is super effective against Dragon Types to balance out the meta game. This is also why Poison and Steel, two types that weren't used much offensively, are super-effective against them.
I didn't say dragons were meanies D:
Oh, sorry. D:
in fairytales dragons repersent evil while faries repesent good and good beats bad. is that logical enough for you?
If team plasma control good. I mean, they trying control good creature turn into weapon.

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Fae (the name for fairy creatures) and dragons are both mythical creatures.
Fae are normally cunning creatures. Clever, quick on their wings, and firing supersonic magic bolts at big, bulky dragons ensures them victory against said Dragons. Dragons cannot hit fae due to their ability to use magic barriers, their size (sprites, at least) and their speed.

Much of the folklore about fairies revolves around protection from their malice, by such means as cold iron (iron is like poison to fairies, and they will not go near it) or charms of rowan and herbs, or avoiding offense by shunning locations known to be theirs. (Source)

This explains their weakness against Steel, and charms can be used with poisonous herbs, explaining the weakness to Poison.

Also, Dragon Types needed a nerf. They had a weakness of one of the rarest types in the game (Ice), and a weakness against themself (which was rarely exploited).

Source: Experience with Myths

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This is actually the logic behind it compared to the others. +1 xD
Fairy are have magical power?
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Right here you can get an opinion from a number of other users on this site.

Really, its probably because Dragons just needed to be balanced out, they had a number of resistances by themselves and they could pretty much just spam Outrage / Draco Meteor once steels were cleared off the field. They only had two weaknesses an neither of those resisted it so Fairy's are just the equalizers introduced this generation like how Psychics were countered by Darks, but it seems that Psychics are still going strong, so don't expect Dragons to take a total beating.

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My Logic Behind Dragon and Fairies

Dragons are often represented as evil creatures in many mythological stories. While fairies are usually represented by innocence and purity. In some cases both of these are vise versa. So Fairies being super effective again Dragon solely in my opinion is a light vs dark concept.

Look here for more of my logic backed up.

Hope I Helped.

This is actually the logic behind it compared to the others. +1 xD
If they higher skills?
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The dragon type has always been overpowering. Since it only had a weakness to itself and ice, Nintendo decided to make the fairy type super effective on it. They also decided to make it immune. Thanks to that change, the dragon type and all other types are now balanced out.

I hope this helped you out!

Sorce: http://www.smosh.com/smosh-pit/articles/new-fairy-type-pokemon

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There are a lot of answers here, but none of them really summarize the whole reason, so here’s my take:

In terms of game design, Fairy beats Dragon because Dragon was too overpowered.

In terms of actual logic, the Fairy type represents nature magic, while the Dragon type represents arcane magic. Dragon magic is unnatural, so nature magic beats it. Also, the Fairy type is sort of like a Light type and dragons are often evil, so light beats dark (this is also why Fairy beats Dark).