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According to Bulbapedia, the new Fairy type shouldn't be viewed as fairies like Tinkerbell but more like magic.

However in that case why should the Fairy type be super effective vs Dragons? According to legend and many sources, dragons are actually impervious to magic, so Dragon types should actually be immune to Fairy type attacks.

So what logic is Gamefreak using for this type matchup?

I decided not to answer, but to comment. Mainly cuz I am going to essentially the same things as the other guys. The main point I was going to say that there may be some overlooked Chinese/Japanese mythology that we are (eh, I'm being redundant) overlooking.

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I guess I will take a stab at this.

Remember in the move with Giratina and Shaymin? Shaymin is like a fairy, and a puny fairy at that. How could it avoid Giratina so easily? Victini vs. Reshi and Zekrom too. Jirachi and Salemence. Deoxys and Rayquaza. In nearly all the anime movies, the same legends represent fairies, with a dragon-like antagonist. As flame said, we see this out of Pokemon as well.

I guess it is that fairies have some pretty badass hidden power of sorts. It doesn't make too much sense, but we see it everywhere.

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You could go by the European literary perspective that Dragons and Fairies take. After all, Fairies in the traditional sense aren't just the cutesie little wood sprites.

Dragons in western lit are almost always take antagonistic roles as the big enemy opposing everything.

Fairies were sprites that did not serve a side and only spread malice to the good and the evil. Its very role, as seen here, is to disrupt.

It fits in with my theory that Game freak has been desperate to get the older fans off their back and did this as an ascended form of speculation. They've been doing a lot of fanservice lately, evident in the return of Charizard in the anime, butterfree's reappearance, Ash's evolving more, and a larger emphasis on returning Pokemon--games and anime-- back to their roots. The fairy was a rushed form of disruption only meant to crush dragons.

The TL;DR, It seems that mythological creatures are the only thing able to defeat other mythological creatures, a theme evident in a lot of children's entertainment. It was Jackie chan Adventures where Uncle always says "Magic must defeat Magic."

At the end of the day though, Dragons and fairies are in the same role that Psychic and dark Pokemon were in back in gen ii. It's to help balance all the types' rock-paper-scissors system a bit more. How much it actually has is yet to be seen.

The only source I really need is right here. Who else wants a piece of Uncle?

I still disagree with the fanservice thing.
Is an opinion

Call me a bit suspicious that a franchise that continually makes sets of three games in an effort to generate more profits suddenly cares about their audience by including things like that as an appeal.
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It is just that pure dragon types are impervious or weakly damaged by other types. Only being weak to ice types and itself. To make new competition for the sacred dragons GAME FREAK had to come up with something great. They created a huge threat for the dragons. The Fairy type. Strong against the long reigning dragons and immune to their wrath, According to mythology this isn't logic since dragons are impervious to all magical attacks, but this is what makes the whole case more interesting. The dragons can finally be countered by unexpected newcomers.

I am not a fan of the fairies myself, especially not of.....sylveon e_e
This isn't logic, it is Trollfreak.
If I may ask, what is wrong with my answer?  I want to know, then I know I shouldn't repeat the same mistake twice
Fairy Types are not Immune to Dragon Type baeed off what has been Revealed.
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Notice how Dragons are weak against other Dragons. The only thing powerful enough to defeat these mythical creatures must be other mythical creatures. Fairies are mythical and magical.
Another thing I observed, Electric and Fire is weak to dragon. Ice is super effective. This is probably totally wrong, but it reminds me of Greek mythology including Zeus the God of the sky (with his thunderbolts) and the ice and fire monsters he defeated... I don't know how to explain it, but if you've seen the movie Hercules you probably might know what I mean.

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maybe the dragon type under estimates the fairy and gives it an edge.

good idea ;)