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Gender: GURL :P
Country: under a rock.
Favorite Pokémon: weavile, treecko, ampharos, whimsicott, growlithe, cincinno, meowstick, meowth, mawile, axew, goodra, zoroark, vaporeon, scrafty, mienshao
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About me: Jello no one reading this! Call me Lugia. Here's a bunch of pointless crup to waste your time with! :D
A bit about me:
I am rather shy and anti social. But I can be fun, funny, etc. it if you treat me nicely ;3 But beware, I have a NASTY temper, almost as bad as an Primape who was called cute and fluffy. WITH the ability anger point, hit by the most powerful roar of time, judgment, psychic, AND you land a critical hit Each time. O.o Beware.
Mono dark team:
Sabley *lead* @lagging tail with Prankster
Trick, taunt, recover, will-o-wisp
Scrafty *tank* @leftovers with Shed skin
Bulk up, drain punch, ice punch, crunch
Hydreigon *fast special sweeper and scout* @choice scarf
Dragon pulse, dark pulse, flamethrower, u-turn
Weavile (Brb)

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Intereseting wall
Especially living under a rock
I can relate
Idk you probabaly wont see this anyway :P
Jan 26, 2021 by Haze
MWAHAHAHA! Screw you guys, I get first :3 lol jk
Sep 8, 2013 by Lugia's Song