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Normal Raquaza EX/Normal M Raquaza EX


  • Allows self to evolve quickly
  • Doesn't require much energy
  • Requires no specific energy (can be used in a wider variety of decks)
  • Resists Fighting


  • Deals moderate damage (for a mega/EX)
  • Requires more Surviving teammates to do damage
  • Type is often not a weakness to many Pokemon
  • Weakness is fairly common

Note: Most likely uses a power boosting item.


Dragon Raquaza EX/Dragon M Raquaza EX


  • Great Damage output
  • Resists Four types
  • Has a bit more HP
  • Can hit pre-fairy dragon types Super-effectively without having a dragon weakness


  • Non-mega can disable it's best move for a turn
  • Requires Fire and Electric energy (two energy types, Needs to be in a Fire/Electric deck or one with a wide array of energies)
  • Requires more energy
  • Loses energy when it attacks

Note: Most likely paired with an energy saving item.

I know it depends on your deck, but which one is generally more viable?

As always, thanks!


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Go with the Normal type if late in game and got a lot of Pokemon who are weak and on the bench this will really help put you back on the offensive. like you said more diversity with its energy and you could literally slip it in any set. it gets a resistance something the dragon typing doesn't have. its Mega's move is way more practical and is less likely to get knocked out the the dragon types. And you won't have to waste one move on a Pokemon on like 60 health. All in all this is no contest unless your looking for popularity points lol. Plus the normal one has better retreat cost at only one energy.and the dragon typing with out the mega you flip a coin and get tails it forces you to not use dragon strike next turn and do a measly 30 damage.

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sure, I can see that. Although I will point out that most of the time in end game, if your opponent is even slightly experienced in the game, you'll most likely not have a full bench, so unless you plan for that, Normal Raquaza's sweeping abilities may be hindered to some extent, but this is good. Thanks
Sorry lol guess I was trying to over sell your comment is noted
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Dragon types because the have a better retreat cost in comparison to strongest move cost, and even though the weakest Pokemon is a dragon, the strongest is to, and generally dragon mega raquaza is stronger, I only know this cause I have both.

They don't have a better retreat cost there's is two and the normal forms mega is 1
just because one is "stronger" doesn't make it more viable/reliable. You could spend all game setting up dragon Raquaza, while yo can use normal Raquaza quite early. Basicaly, Is dragon Raquaza a better late game cleaner than normal Raquaza an early sweeper, and vice versa. I want reason and usability to be taken into play. One may deal more damage or have more health, but that could be nothing if your other cards can't save it from losing all of your energy. Is it worth the effort for heavy hits, or does a fast setup have more benefits?