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I used to collect Pokemon trading cards, and at one point I had almost 200 of them (maybe more, but I didn't count). I had common, uncommon, and rare basic cards, as well as common, uncommon, and rare stage 1 cards. However, all my stage 2 cards were rare. If there ever was an uncommon stage 2 card, can you give me a few examples?
In case you didn't know, an uncommon card will have a diamond at its bottom right corner.

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Agghh, I know I had at least one (I too used to have 150+ cards) but I don't know where they went…

EDIT: Agh, nevermind, I was thinking of Stage 1 cards.
This is kind of off topic, but isn't a diamond just a rotated square? I've never read a math book that said a square is no longer a square if it's rotated a certain way.

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There are many common and uncommon stage 2 cards.
One example is Butterfree from Jungle set, which is a common

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Can you give examples of the most recent ones?