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I saw one where 2 Natu were huddling together in the snow. Then a Bouffalant lets them sit in it's fluffy head fur. Then another one where a Trubbish was dumped at a dump site by a dump truck but a Phione invites it for a swim. And then an Empoleon lets the Trubbish take a ride on its back. How many sets of them are there?

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EDIT: I actually found a few more!

It shows Tepig growing up with the rest of the family.

Plusle and Minun make a rainbow.

Pulsle and Minun are in the same place, different shots.

Charmeleon and Swablu that you mentioned.

Natu & Bouffalant that you mentioned.

Trubbish, Phione & Empoleon that you mentioned.

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Yeah. I kinda know that one. I think I saw one where a Charmeleon searching for berries. Its tail flame brushes against a Swablu's wing, and the Swablu's wing is slightly burnt, angering the Swablu. Then the Swablu flies away.