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I have a few that are holo from about 5-10 years ago and I want to know if they’re worth framing and putting on my wall of cards

wow how many pokemon cards do you have?
i meany our recent questions are all about cards
Probably more than a thousand.

I’m currently going through them and I have so many questions about them all lol, particularly since I’ve gotten all these decades ago
i have like 500 or 600 maybe
i recently got the sword and shield cindarace pack and the inteleon pack
when pokemon cards become legal currency smoothie is gonna be a trillionaire
@draco that’s the plan! Collect and preserve now, pass onto great grandchildren to sell later. Considering the price of gen 5 games now, the price of rare cards will be insane in a hundred years.
In a sense, I’m thinking about my future while indulging in dopamine
oh really? that's cool!

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Pokemon does a promotion with McDonald's every 5 years, on their anniversary dates.

Cards from 2011 are worth next to nothing. I don't know why.

Cards from 2016 have wildly varied prices. Some are up for hundreds of dollars, while the rest seem to pay off just a little. It seems most cards are worth at least a couple bucks.

The promotion from this year fetches a pretty penny, but you said the cards are 5-10 years old, so this promotion doesn't apply here.

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In conclusion: assume valuable
Why not! :)