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I have about 20 jumbo cards, I've had them since a month ago (February) and I really want to know how much they
are worth, since they cant do anything in battles I want to sell them.

I was told they were worth almost nothing but that may be false. They're good collectibles tho

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So by looking through eBay, (probably the best Pokemon card selling place on the internet,) I can see that the cards are worth about maybe 2 or 3 dollars on average. This is probably because they are promo cards and can be easily found at any Pokemon card selling location. I would probably hold on to them for a while, because after a couple of years of them not being in the boxes at Target, they are going to become rarer and rarer, which means more valuable.


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Shouldn't you mention tcgplayer and other websites?Ebay can be unreliable,and tcgplayer is probably more reliable too.
Why is eBay unreliable? Select the "Sold/completed items" boxes, and find how much each card is generally sold for. More reliable than estimations that other sites give.
Well websites like tcgplayer have the market price,and some other stuff I forgot.
Thanks for the answer imma keep hold of these jumbo's.
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