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i have two very high level Aerodactyl now, and I've been looking them both over hard, because its going to be my main assault Pokemon, along side an incredible healing tank, my Clefable, and a Weavile for further attack support in triple battles. i'm going with the Smash'em-to-a-pulp-quickly strategy, so I want to know the actual statistical difference between these two....

Aerodactyl A:
resurrected from old amber in Kalos: this would be Mega-evolved.
item: Aerodactilyte mega-evolution stone.
moves: Rock Slide, Fly, Steel wing, and Take down.

Aerodactyl B:
data drained all the way from Fire Red: this will not be Mega evolved to allow Rock Head to protect from brutal recoil...
item: Metronome or heal bell??
moves: Rock Slide, Dragon Claw, Steel wing, and Double-edge.

fully EV trained for attack, with evenly distributed leftover EVs in HP, def.,sp.def, and speed.


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If you are going for the "Smash'em-to-a-pulp-quickly strategy", Mega Aerodactyl is much better. With a +30 base stat boost in Attack and a +20 base stat boost in Speed. It becomes an unstoppable, rampaging beast if you use it correctly. I mean, just look at that rock beard:

Tough Claws is a great ability as well, boosting the power of many of its moves by 33%.

For which Aerodactyl you should use, since movesets and EVs are alterable, you have to look at the IVs and Natures. If you have an Adamant (^Atk vSpAtk) or Jolly (^Spd vSpAtk) nature, use that Aerodactyl. If you don't have any of those natures, use the Aerodactyl with the higher Attack and Speed IVs. You can check these IVs at Kiloude City's Pokemon Center, via the Ace Trainer by the TV.

Optimal Moveset:
Aerodactyl @Aerodactylite
Nature: Adamant or Jolly
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spd, 4 HP
Iron Head
Sky Drop
Rock Slide/Stone Edge
Take Down/Giga Impact

Giga Impact tho. Not really the best choice, Double Edge / Return would be the two optimal normal-type moves.
um... thats my difficulty.... it was really luck of the draw, and totally coincidence, but after both the Aerodactyl had been trained to level 85, and they have the same stats all around, except for the Fire red Aerodactyl having an extra 5 sp.attack points, i am totally NOT kidding. so mega evolution is better? both are Adamant/ rock head, fire red has a 'sturdy body' while kalos is 'alert to sounds'. what i fear is recoil damage building up and endangering Aerodactyl, tough claws does nothing to stop that, and clefable is not fast enough to help if a raichu or some such manage to survive the first strike...??