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Currently rebuilding my team for Pokèmon Platinum; in my PC, I have a:

Lvl 46 Togetic
Ability: Hustle
Ancient Power

Lvl 28 Noctowl
Ability: Keen Eye
Take Down

I don't actually have a Staraptor, but lots of people say they are reliable.

Your thoughts?


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Well, I don't know what you mean by 'statistical' but I like to compare Pokemon myself and see what is best by my opinion. For this comparison, I will assume you will evolve your Togetic with a Shiny Stone to make it become a Togekiss.

Firstly, we can look at the stats of each Pokemon. It's clear that Togekiss and Staraptor outdo Noctowl in terms of base stats; Togekiss is a beast in Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense, while Staraptor is a beast in Attack. Noctowl definitely is decent, with its above-average HP and Sp. Defense stats, but compared to these Pokemon, it really doesn't stand out that much. This especially hurts Noctowl because in-game teams are all about offense; if you really want a wall on your team, there are much better options than Noctowl.

Furthermore, Noctowl really doesn't have much a diverse movepool, only really specialising in Normal-, Psychic- and Flying-type moves that could easily be delivered by its peers. A lot of these are also physical, which doesn't suit its abysmal Attack stat. I imagine you wouldn't want to level up your Noctowl twenty-something levels, so it's safe to rule out Noctowl as an option.

That leaves Staraptor and Togekiss. In terms of stats, Togekiss is definitely an all-rounder. All its stats are fairly good except for its Attack stat, although your current Togetic moveset uses the Attack stat quite a bit. While Staraptor has problems in its other stats, its Attack stat allows it to take advantage of its movepool, which is rich in valuable physical moves such as Fly, Close Combat and Brave Bird.

In the end, I think it depends on what you want. If you're willing to change that moveset, Togekiss is definitely the stronger option because of its access to a diverse movepool and because it has a very commendable set of stats. However, if you're keen on something a bit more physical (or you just don't want to evolve your Togetic), Staraptor is obviously the better option.

If you wanna compare for yourself, you can go here (although be wary that some of the info is slightly incorrect, such as their typings (all of them are Normal/Flying, for some reason it says that Togekiss is Normal/Steel and the others are Normal/Ice...) and their availability is also wrong but I don't think you need that. Cross-reference the info you see if you're suspicious).

Hope I helped. :)
Source: The Pokemon's respective Serebii pages and the above link.

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Staraptor's return is stronger than all of Togekiss's moves. Togekiss's 4 moves can't cover everything, and Staraptor does more damage to the things that Togekiss can't cover.