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I currently have a freshly-caught level 27 Staravia, and at the same time I have a hatched Togepi from the Egg Cynthia had gave me. Evolving the Togepi to Togetic would be fairly easy since it has the fast growth rate and higher Base Friendship (120) since it is hatched from an egg.

Should I use a Staraptor or a Togekiss? Togekiss has higher stats and really good Sp. Def, Def and Sp. Atk while Staraptor possesses really good Physical Atk and Spd.

I think Staraptor is better because Togepi and Togetic don't really learn that many good moves. Staravia, on the other hand, can be useful even before it evolves because of the useful moves it learns, including Take Down, Pluck (this is a TM I think, found early on), and as soon as it evolves it gets Close Combat, a very strong Fighting-type move.
Why would you use take down when you can use return?

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Ok, I'm going to compare them in some categories: Movepool, Offensive typing, Defensive typing, Attacking Stats, Defensive Stats, Ability and speed.
Which ever 'mon gets the better comparison score will earn a point.


First, lets see their offensive movepools. Togekiss has a decent offensive movepool, with good special coverage. Staraptor, on the other hand, gets close combat, gets brave bird, gets take down, and while it does have a coverage problem other than close combat, I think I would have to give the edge to togekiss. It has decent coverage.

Offensive typing

Both of them have the same type, so I'm going to give them both a point lol.

Defensive typing

Same thing here lol

Attacking Stats

Staraptor has an excellent 120 attack, and Togekiss has 120 Special Attacj. Both get points -_-

Defensive Stats
Togekiss has an 85/95/115 spread, making it quite bulky. Staraptor has the same hp, but the defenses are noticeably lower.


Staraptor gets Intimidate, one of the best abilities in the game, which weakens physical attacks, thus making it more bulky on the physical side. Togekiss gets Hustle, which is quite useless on it, and Serene Grace, which is quite good, however, I still believe that Intimidate is better.


Staraptor has a decent 100 base speed, while Togekiss has 80.

Ok, so with all of this, Staraptor gets 5, and Togekiss 5.

I would suggest staraptor because it's faster and it has intimidate, but your choice.

Hope this helps :)

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Togekiss actually gets decent special coverage. Aura Sphere, Air Slash, Flamethrower, and etc
Stats don't really matter in-game. You're not comparing who gets moves early on, which is a important factor while choosing Pokemon.
Staraptor's return is stronger than all of Togekiss's moves. Togekiss's 4 moves can't cover everything, and Staraptor does more damage to the things that Togekiss can't cover. The strongest STAB's base power is more important than how much coverage you can get with no-STAB moves.
Also you're ignoring experience and levels. This is usually not important, but the difference between level 1 and level 27 is pretty big.
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Staravia starts at a higher level, but Togepi takes less experience to level up. If they both get the same amount of experience, then Togekiss will catch up to Staraptor at level 49, when you're pretty close to the end of the game.
At the very end of the game, Togekiss can get around 4 levels higher, but it's still not enough to do more damage than Staraptor.

Lvl 62 84 Atk Staraptor Return vs. Lvl 62 0 HP / 0 Def Glalie: 97-115 (51 - 60.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
Lvl 66 84 SpA Togekiss Air Slash vs. Lvl 62 0 HP / 0 SpD Glalie: 82-97 (43.1 - 51%) -- 5.5% chance to 2HKO

So basically Staraptor is always stronger than Togekiss.

It will not be a 2HKO if the Staraptor/Togekiss is not properly EV trained.
In In-Game playthrough, you will gain random EVs during your playthrough.
This is exactly why I put 84 EVs in every stat.
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I think staraptor is the better pick between the two. Togekiss has some great coverage moves and bulk but staraptor is a great fast offensive Pokemon and can take down a lot of Pokemon in platinum.

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