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I am playing Pokemon Platinum... I have a Togekiss of level 41 and I want it to learn Sky Attack; according to Pokemon DB it says that Togekiss learns Sky Attack on level 1 but I cant teach it Sky Attack, as I have not explored any Move Tutors after Canalave City as I am going for 6th gym right now.. any tips pls?

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Why you want a physical attack on a pokemon with base 60 attack is an enigma
Actually it is base 50 Atk.
Close enough
Air Slash hits harder than Sky attack for togekis...

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You teach it via heart scale. Find a heart scale and find the move reminder. The guy should be in Pastoria to the northeast of the pokemart

This goes for any Pokemon in any game that have moves that are learned only on level one such as Garchomp's fire fange

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Here is a video that would show you where to find heart scales in platinum


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