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It has Aura Sphere, Ancient Power, and Metronome. (Metronome's just for fun) It's ability is Serene Grace.

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Neither. Air Slash is a good move in order to fully abuse Serene Grace.

Last Resort and Sky Attack are both Physical moves, and Togekiss has a really measly attack. Sky Attack also needs 2 moves to take effect, and Air Slash will deal more damage over 2 moves anyway.

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I already know that air slash is better than both, but the question says which one of the two moves would be better for it. I'm curious.
Well, if you really had to, Last Resort. At least it doesn't take a move to charge.
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like fondant said Sky attack isnt very useful. Togekiss is used to be annoying. Go with ParaFlinch. Lefties or Kings Rock


  • Thunder Wave
  • Air Slash
  • Roost
  • Aura Sphere / Metronome / Heal Bell

Aura Sphere: for a great Damage move
Metronome: If you are a big fan of it put it. but I wouldnt recommend it
Heal Bell: Great Support move

What item helps flinching more? Kings Rock, or Razor Fang?
King's Rock increases a flinch chance. Whereas the other item causes a 10% chance to flinch from moves that dont otherwise flinch